a 3-yr-old is not half a 6-yr-old | a 3-yr-old is half a 6-yr-old


Imagine treating people as a negative difference—as a representation of some hoped for ideal (which will fail), or as a someone not-there-yet, only part-way up the ladder of success or at one stage of a curriculum (which is always beyond reach). It is against such attitudes that Ken Robinson can report what a friend of his once told him: 

a three year old is not half a six year old.

Children of course grow and change, but equally, whatever you are now is different to half a life ago, and yesterday.


Think hard about what Gerden Verden-Zoller has said about all this: 

A child is at every instance a total complete being in itself with its own total requirements for its total realization, not a transit to become an adult, even as he or she changes in the process of growing and becoming an adult.