Life is xxx
    Life in all its fullness/richness/best/beauty is yyy
    This is achieved through certain zzz combinations of positive and negative difference
    Thus, let's work out ways to achieve these combinations



Maybe I wanting to somehow have a conversation about why we should treat each other with positive difference and then share some stories about what is may or may not look/feel like in various circumstances -- this would be my own version of the ethical maneuver. Yet I'm still kind of stuck on why we should treat each other in this way. It seems obvious to me but I don’t know how to argue for it from first principles.

What do you think? Maybe you know something of the answer to this, as it's perhaps the most important things I've learnt from you, in different ways, through different registers and context: seeing and feeling a sense of being okay to become whatever, with others. 

What’s exciting is that in approaching my thinking via positive difference / negative difference, I’m suddenly able to talk about all my favourite writers/thinkers/texts/ideas in the one document – like the tap has turned on somehow. 


It could be that a book – or at least a collection of writings/ideas/texts – is emerging here around the topic, and perhaps working title, of ‘positive difference, negative difference’. And it could be that all the dyads I’ve been playing with (in my micro-books and picking up on various dyads from others, most notably from Deleuze-Delanda-Bergson) are actually different inversions and registers on this one basic dyad. So at the very least this is helping me work out what I’m trying to work out. But also, it gives me the idea that ‘positive difference, negative difference’ is a thought that could – already does – act as a catalyst to help me to care, to give a shit, to love. So it’s thinking, but thinking for sake of living and loving. Thus, an ethical move. 

Sorry if any of this is it is a bit tangled or long-winded, but just trying to tease out what seems to me like the beginnings of the space between our thinking. Any thoughts or ideas would be most appreciated, complimentary or contradictory… and apologies for any typos etc in advance.