addams family | brady bunch

This dyad arose out of something Lurch quipped.


The Addams Family of course is a family of positive difference, whereas the Brady Bunch is the family of negative difference. Each person in the Brady Bunch is a version of one of the older ones (along strict gender lines!), each a step along the ladder of middle American success. The people in the Addams Family on the other hand are all different in unique ways. It is not possible to really describe then in similar terms. The thing is a hand. Cousin Itt a hairy fur ball of a creature. The children Pugsley and Wednesday are certainly not partial versions of their dad, Gomez, and mum, Morticia. Of course, on another level the Addams Family is very much playing into type casts of the rich couple with servants, children that are not so much involved/around etc. But within the limits of American sit com TV, I think Addams vs Brady makes the point. I know which family I'd rather be in! 

In a way, all families are both. But the Addams Family seem to allow for everyone's positive difference, to the point it's not really commented upon (they are allowed to be and become whoever they are; they are surprised when other people think of them as weird). Whereas the Brady Bunch seem driven by the moral imperative of placing ourselves on a scale of proprietary. 


The grid of nine faces at the opening and closing credits, with the three girls on the left, in age rank, and so to the boys on the right, is very telling in this regard. They even all look the same! (And the maid in the middle is a visual blend of all of them). 

Whereas the opening credit image of the whole gang from The Addams Family...