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Interesting that on the phone it seems like you want to put morality on the side of negative difference and the management/divide-and-conquer way of treating difference. If that's the case (and I think its with this understanding that the trope of religion=wars is meant), then what is the ethics on the side of positive difference? Ie, how then to live, meaningfully, without "the reality of fucked beliefs that divide us all into moral experts, moral conformists, or deviants". BTW, I'm thinking experts -- conformists -- deviants in moral terms pretty much maps onto teacher -- praise-worthy student -- shame-worthy student in the education system.



I have since thought that what I called evil maybe could just more simply be called suffering (or, avoidable suffering) in the way the a Buddhist might think. Which could be what you mean by harmful? Actually, the Idea of 'Evil' might be part and parcel of the negative difference of morality?


Moral thinking computes, and it equates units of sin with units of repentance, punishment, and forgiveness. Such is its nature.
Jesus has to humiliate Simon publicly in order to snap him out of this one-dimensional way of seeing and judging.

John Carroll, The existential Jesus (2007)


Grace versus Law ??
(ala St Paul, Martin Luther)