enthusiastic | egoistic


ET says that true enthusiasm is not ego-based. If you are really into something, following with passion, then it stops being about you. ‘Enthusiasm and the ego cannot coexist’.

ET also says that ego is identifying with form. ‘I’ am who I am because of the things attached to me, whether these things are tangible, like clothes or money, or intangible, like my social status or some mental concept like I-am-someone-who-knows-that-the-ego-attaches-to-things.

So, enthusiasm decouples one’s sense of self from form. Which is to say, I think, that enthusiasm decouples from form. But enthusiasm is not some waffly thing. People who are enthusiastic are always enthusiastic about very particular things, and they can spend time with such things, and talk about such things, for hours. So it’s a very specific thing. Maybe it even has specificity, in that it keeps on being specifically connected to stuff. You can’t be enthusiastic if you feel disconnected, and vice versa.

It’s about something, stuff, much bigger than yourself. And somehow it doesn’t want, doesn’t let possible goals and possible eventualities override immediate pleasure and enjoyment in the being with what is right now. ‘Unlike egoic wanting, which creates opposition in direct proportion to the intensity of its wanting, enthusiasm never opposes. It is non-confrontational. Its activity does not create winners and losers. It is based on inclusion, not exclusion, of others… the ego’s wanting always tries to take from something or someone; enthusiasm gives out of its own abundance.’

How could enthusiasm be specificity concerned with things, but not in closed, this-at-the-exclusion-of-other-things way? ET says enthusiasm is connected to the creative principle or dynamic, not with creations. This sounds like enthusiasm its in tune with the consequential (creating in ways that keeping on creating with others) and not hung up on the circumstantial (the particular configurations with enable the consequential) even in the very midst of being so enthusiastic in and with the circumstances.

I don’t think I have been enthusiastic for too long.

(written 4 March 2011)