in the middle | on-top-of-it-all or underneath-it-all


Falling backwards through solid doors.

A scene. In a movie.
1 hour 14 minutes into Griff The Invisible.

Do you think that this life, our existence…
Do you think it’s an accident, or planned for a reason?
Oh, and try to ignore religion.

Well I think, it’s like gymnastics…
I thing that life was inevitable.
I mean however it was created, how it happened, whoever did it.
You look at the stars and see infinity
And you look into a microscope and you seen infinity.
And smack bang in the middle on those two.
Perched on a balance beam.
Is us.
In the middle.

And a bit later.

She is crying on one side of the door.
He is crying on the other side, inside his apartment.

She is missing him, he who now claims it is time to grow up.
She wants him to re-enter her bubble.

And as she is crying her heart out, she starts to fall backwards, through the door.

And lands onto his kitchen floor.