intuition | intelligence

In response to The Garbo


Your thoughts on how to get a grip onto existence, and the limits of science and quest for objectivity etc, makes me think of the difference that Bergson marks out between intelligence and intuition. it's not quite the same as idealism/universalism vs historical constructs/contingency. More that we have a capacity of analysis and overt distinction making (intelligence) which is adaptively very useful. But that also we have a capacity for synthesis and sensing somehow the diffuse ambient conditions beyond/beneath specific distinctions (intuition). And he sees science as the advanced/extended form of intelligence which is also what we all use daily, and that the mistake of philosophy is to only think this type of knowing is worthwhile, or worse, that that's all that must exist. You'd need to read 'Creative Evolution' (first chapter) to really get this -- it's available online, out of copyright, at and also Project Gutenburg: