middle | centre


The middle is not the centre.

In-between is not in-side.
One is 'and', the other 'or'.

The middle is the midst, between, this AND that. The space of overlap. The gap conjoining by one thing and another. In the midst is misty, murky, a space of blend. of mixture. Hybrid. Next to each other. Side by side.

The centre is central, here and not there. A centre from which the margins are observed, or ignored, or persecuted. Panopticon central. Power centre. In and out. Inside and outside. Hierarchical. A control mechanism (that is, a mechanism in which control is made possible).


So when it comes to the new -- new ideas, mew making, new forms, new affects, new insights, new processes -- where might we locate it?

'On the edge', 'Cutting edge' 'At the margins' etc is the new from the vantage point of the centre. Or more correctly, from the vantage points that are produced by the logic of the centre (those marginal to the centre can think of themselves as edgy, just as too those at the centre can view the marginal as edgy as well).

'In the middle' 'At the crux' 'Melting pot' 'In the gap' etc are a view of the new, from the vantage point of the middle. It takes someone or something to conjoin what exists in new ways. And from this middle zone, there is no centre nor any margins - all there is is a bundled or intensities and relationships.


Several years ago I started thinking about my own artistic and thinking practices in terms of being in the middle of things. Not marginal to society. Not on the edge. But rather in the midst of the problems and issues and factors that are pregnant or indeed dominant in our lives. How do we get along together (a social question)? How do we live within our surroundings (a spatial question)? How do we look and listen to others around us, whether human others or other types of others (a sonic and visual perception and interaction question)?