mythos | propaganda



Propaganda is the pretense that we are more together, or more important, than we are. And the ego, individual and collective, is the great propaganda machine.

What is not of the spirit of propaganda?
Something other. Something else

Outside of propaganda, nothing has to be propped up.

Whatever is happening, is just happening -- in all its banality, diversity, disfunctionality, hapzardness and mess. Whatever is just allowed to be. When we stopped planning and enacting propaganda campaigns.

Instead of the publicity machine that is the ego announcing itself to anyone and everyone, we can get on with something else: not declaration of importance, but invitations to join in? Join into what? Nothing less than relating to the other coming into being. Or as L said to me: you do what’s obvious to you, and I what’s obvious to me (what’s obvious, unfetted and uncensored by the ego) and in between us something unique will emerge. What would excite you? And what would excite me? And can we find a way to join in together? Let’s try it now.