radical incompleteness | temporary incompleteness


Both positive and negative difference deal in in-completeness, but in really different ways.

Negative difference treats everything that exists as incomplete yet heading towards some form of completeness. It fantasies completeness and wholeness - whether as false origin or false destination. 

On the other hand, positive difference treats everything that exists as radically incomplete. Full stop. Things will never become complete. Because things are always becoming. Positive difference dreams in the gap between what exists which is forever re-joining and changing its interface and arenas. Not a circle (enclosed, inside with outside) but a twisting arc (side-by-side with other things). 

This idea of 'radical incompleteness' is something I got from literary and eco critic-cum-philosopher Timothy Morton, who gets notions of incompleteness from Godel and his incompleteness theorems which is kind of proto-Derrida-deconstruction (and maybe Timothy gets it from others, not sure, maybe Kierkegaard and Sartre).