where these ideas come from


These plus-minus ideas don't come out of the blue.
Taken together, they might be presented together, crystallised (or obscured!) here for the first time.
But there are traditions and pathways of thought that carried them here.

A bunch of theorists seem really important:

And a bunch of people working in various practices and domains ('applications'):
Anthropology, ambient art, economics of exchange, practice and institutional theory - allen-dreyfus-schon-bourdieu-macintyre-warde, counselling - rogers, alternative education - school street, improv - johnston-spolin, sounding - cage, gardening, parenting, comunicating - nvc-rosenberg, institutional analysis and so on.

The sense is that there are also more ancient wisdom traditions that link, connect and so on:
aspects of mystical christianity, buddhism, tao, Australian indigenous systems, and many more.

And there is bound to be more.

Some things seem sort of consistent across all these different areas:
evolutionary thinking
ecological thinking
radical-creative practice
generative processes over representational outcomes